My New Sewing Adventure!

About a year and a half ago, I started an unexpected sewing adventure.  I could never in a million years have predicted this would happen, or that I would suddenly become a crazed lunatic fabric hoarder who contemplates picking up a new Rubbermaid box each trip to Walmart to store more fabric!  How can this happen to a forty-something, otherwise-sane-for-the-most-part woman? Ask my boys.  It’s clearly their fault.

My start in sewing happened because my three youngest boys wanted a sewing machine on which to sew Mario Brothers plush dolls.  Yeah, weird.  They got tired of using their allowance to buy these little overpriced plushes, so learn to make them they did, by watching tutorials.  But a sewing machine would be so much faster than doing it by hand, Mom!  A few days later, we were the proud owners of a seventy-five dollar Brother mechanical machine.  Of course, fast-forward a bit and now the boys never touch the machine (make that two machines now,) but I have been transformed into a hopeless addict who has no choice but to find time for sewing amongst everything else I have to do.  It’s the most enjoyable addiction I’ve ever had.

Final Final Edward Hopper Girl at Sewing Machine quote by Kelly

OK, the quiet room part is just a dream for me, with four boys in the house!

I want this blog to be a record of my progress in sewing and a place to share ideas and inspiration with others.  But, it’s also going to be the place I record my deeper thoughts of what sewing has brought to my life, philosophical ramblings, if you will.  Because for me, sewing is about so much more than just making a garment.  It’s a fresh, invigorating breeze that has entered my life at just the right time.  I am a calmer, more confident and peaceful person because of sewing.  I no longer cook, clean, or do laundry, but really, how am I supposed to do all that too?!

I am really looking forward to meeting some of you wonderful sewing personalities out there!  And next post I’ll actually share a garment I sewed…

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